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The official “date of birth” of Atmosfera Company is the year 2004, when ATMOSFERA trademark was registered. But in fact, our company history began one year before, in 2003. It was then that the future team of Atmosfera made up of young professionals, graduates of field-specific departments of Kyiv Polytechnic University has been built on the basis of a private enterprise occupying with manufacturing energy saving materials.

Current market needs, increasing prices for energy sources, explosive development of renewable energy sources abroad pushed us towards re-orienting the company from energy saving materials to energy generating equipment and energy saving technologies.


Three years spent for painstaking market and technological studies, development of technical solutions and industrial experiments in the year 2007 have been finally crowned with developing own solar energy collector with vacuum tubes ATMOSFERA SVK-А. Its supplies to Ukraine began one year after, in 2008.


In 2009, the innovative product — collector ATMOSFERA SVK -А — was presented at the field-specific exhibition, and we consider this as official entry of Atmosfera into Ukrainian market.

The same year Representative Offices of Atmosfera Company were established in Moldova and Russia.


In 2010, the Representative Office in Belarus joined the international dealership network of Atmosfera.

Besides geographical expanding, the year 2010 was marked by extension of product range. The Company becomes an exclusive supplier of corrugated corrosion-resistant pipes Gofraflex (South Korea) in the territory of Ukraine, and a new low-cost model ATMOSFERA SVK – Standard was added to the line of solar energy collectors.

The year 2010 was also marked by launch of the ambitious and advanced project — Company’s own training center and start of monthly seminars for specialists. At seminars held by professional engineers working at Atmosfera students get consolidated information about state-of-the-art technical solutions in the field of renewable energy sources, as well as practical knowledge of RES systems and their assembling, use and sale skills. Own methodical base of the Company and unique training methods are used for preparing and holding seminars.

A significant project “Solarfication” of the all-Ukrainian chain of filling stations KKLO was implemented. The aggregate heat output of the project was 2.9 MW. The aggregate electric output — 71.1 MW per year.


In 2011, Atmosfera was selected by the world-known brand of heating system fast assembly systems BRV (Italy) as its exclusive distributor in the territory of Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova. And it is when Atmosfera started selling BRV component parts through its Russian Representative Offer.

Development of the training program continued: seminars for specialists are held regularly.

Another important project was implemented — solar thermal system in the dormitory of Grigoriy Skovoroda Pereyaslav-Khmelnitskyi State Pedagogic University. This project was one of the very first solar systems in Ukraine installed in high-rise residential buildings.


In 2012, Atmosfera launched the professional development program for heating engineers and power engineers with the use of unique teaching methods developed by the Company’s experts on the basis of its training center. The unique knowledge control system and RES specialists certification is well developed and applied.

The same year Atmosfera started supplies of the innovative preinsulated flexible pipelines NanoFlex (Turkey).

In 2012, Atmosfera dealership network’ size reached the level of 100 working partners in 7 countries: Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Belarus, Latvia, Kazakhstant, Kyrgyzstan.

Several significant projects were implemented in 2012: all-year-round HWS systems were installed in three kindergartens in different parts of Ukraone – Kiev (kindergarten №v573 in Obolon district), Severodonetsk of Lugansk oblast and Telychnoye village of Lugansk oblast (kindergarten “Skazka”).

One more milestone of the year 2012 was issue of the Company’s periodical newspaper ATMOSFERA REVIEW. The very first two issues enjoyed popularity with RES professionals and general public interested in renewable energy sources.


The year 2013 was characterized by stable dynamic growth and important events.
The range of equipment supplied by the Company continued to expand.

Systems of flexible corrosion-resistant pipes Gofraflex passed all tests successfully and obtained the Compliance Certificate permitting the use of Gofraflex in water-based fire-fighting systems. The product was presented at the field-specific exhibition “SAFETY 2013”, where it received high praise from specialists.

The same year the Company presented a new line of vacuum solar collectors. ATMOSFERA SVK-Twin Power became a new flagship product, and economy-class models were replaced by the advanced low-cost model ATMOSFERA SVK -Nano.

The year 2013 was marked by important social events as well.

At the basis of RES department of NTUU KPI was established the solar technology laboratory equipped with ATMOSFERA solar installations.

The nursery – kindergarten № 38 in Lugansk shifted to solar hot water supply by means of ATMOSFERA equipment. The project was implemented under the auspices of the Global Environment Facility of the UN Development Program. It became the 3rd kindergarten in Lugansk oblast, where water for children is heated by the sun and Atmosfera.

Two more issues of ATMOSFERA REVIEW 2013 were published. They were dedicated to the outlooks of introducing “green tariffs”, reviews of interesting projects and news of RES industry.

Solar energy collector Atmosfera-SVK-А obtained an official Compliance Certificate #C1633 of Solar Technologies Institute Solartechnik SPF (Rapperswil, Switzerland).


Today ATMOSFERA® is an international group of companies operating in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and China. Equipment of ATMOSFERAТМ is successfully used for energy supply to clinics, kindergartens, dormitories, hotels, private and commercial objects. The Company participates actively in international exhibitions, professional conferences and round tables concerning energy generating and alternative technologies.

The Company specialists study thoroughly all the advances energy saving technologies. Only time-tested, certified and reliable technical solutions are put into production, because our products are more than just power supply equipment.

Co-operation with ATMOSFERA® will provide you with ready-made engineering solutions for energy generation for your objects representing the optimum ratio of installation expenditures to essentially reduced expenditures for maintenance and operation. An engineering solution is a combination of a custom-tailored project, quality equipment, correct installation and system debugging at the Customer’s object with warranty and post-warranty maintenance.