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Becoming a partner

certificateThank you for your interest to ATMOSFERA products. At present our primary goal is to provide the best quality servicing of the equipment we supply through the chain of Representative Offices in Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Belorussia and Moldova. The market of solar water heaters is vast and almost free, so we see splendid opportunities for our dealers in this business. We search for companies/private persons possessing adequate skills, knowledge and experience to establish partnership relationships in the area of sales and installation of solar water heating systems ATMOSFERA. For successful development of joint business our company is offering favorable conditions to dealers and wholesale buyers. We provide dealers with full information support, as well as warranty and after-sale servicing of our equipment. Advertising and marketing campaigns to support our partners shall be particularly noted.

After we made sure that a new dealer is able to perform solar system design and assembling works in quality and timely manner, we will start forwarding him orders received from that dealer’s region.

To become ATMOSFERA’s dealer you shall:

  1. Complete a solar system design and assembling course.
  2. Install a demo system at home or in office!
  3. Have experience in quality customer service.

You will get from us:

  1. Sharing our experience in solar system design and assembling.
  2. Sharing our marketing and commercial experience and proficiency.
  3. Advertising and information support of your business.

Any additional requirements will be discussed upon receipt of an application, and then set forth in detail in the respective Dealership Contract.

If you believe you meet all the above-mentioned requirements, please fill in the Dealer’s Questionnaire Form below and send us by e-mail, fax or just click on “Send” button.

Please provide us with as much information about your company as possible. All and any information provided by you will be treated as strictly confidential and in no case will be transferred to any third parties.

Dealer’s Questionnaire Form

All fields are mandatory. If you cannot provide some data, state “No” or “Not available” in the respective field.

    Company (If you don’t represent any company, state “private person”):

    Full name of a contact person:


    Actual address:

    Company age (years):

    Yours or you company’s work experience in the field of engineering systems (years):

    Do you have experience in sales/installation/operation of engineering systems? (If yes, then mention equipment of which brand you worked with and at what level?):

    What experience of your company will help you to exercise dealer’s functions efficiently? What trademarks or what companies you represent as a dealer in your region?:

    Are you able to start performing assembling/start-up/servicing RES systems (solar systems, PV installations, heat pumps, wind turbines) immediately or you need additional training?:

    Describe why you would like to become ATMOSFERA’s dealer, and what your company specializes in currently:

    Additional information:

    Please enter the characters displayed in the image: captcha