We strive for the energy freedom of mankind - that is why we are developing sustainable energy

Professional energy solutions for households and businesses

We help people and businesses to gain energy independence

Energy freedom for the Consumer

  • Economy

  • Safety

  • Independence

Energy freedom for State

  • Sustainable energy system

  • Energetic safety

  • Income to the state and local budgets

Energy freedom for the Society

  • Safe future for our children

  • Preserved environment

  • "Green" energy available to every person


Atmosfera is a distributor of equipment, technologies and solutions in the field of solar energy. Currently, the company's portfolio includes more than 25 well-known global brands of manufacturers from Ukraine, Poland, Italy, South Korea, China, Lithuania, Turkey, Taiwan, the Netherlands, and Austria.

Direct deliveries from manufacturers and the presence of our own warehouses in EU logistics centers allow us to constantly keep more than 1,000 items of equipment and ensure uninterrupted shipments for our partners. All products are selected by professional engineers of photoelectricity systems, balanced, certified, with a guarantee of quality and performance.

We don’t only supply the best equipment at reasonable prices, but also help our partners with sales to end customers and maintenance of already built capacities. Our specialists have specialized higher education and extensive practical experience, so they will help with the preparation of documentation in project sales, technical supervision, management and support of your projects.

  • 2007

    Founded in Ukraine
  • 2014

    Started operations in Europe
  • 3000

    stations have been built
  • 150+

    specialists in Europe
  • Next 250

    We are among the 250 most promising companies of Ukraine according to Forbes


We cherish freedom in making decisions and we are responsible for their results. We remember that everyone's freedom ends where the freedom of another person begins.

Openness. Trust.

We always start relationships with trust and openly declare our goals. We cherish transparency in decision-making and achieving results.


We are tolerant of changes and adaptable; we always seek for new knowledge. We encourage the team to develop professionally and we are ready to share our expertise.

Conscious partnership

We practice ethical business behavior and build partnerships based on the principles of openness, transparency and mutual respect. We always aim for mutually beneficial cooperation.

Brands we work with
The UN Sustainable Development Goals, which we meet:

3 / 17


goals-Renewable energy

Renewable energy

Energy is a key factor contributing to solving modern problems.


goals-Decent work and economic growth

Decent work and economic growth

Energy is a key factor contributing to solving modern problems.


goals-Partnership for sustainable development

Partnership for sustainable development

Energy is a key factor contributing to solving modern problems.

№ 1


Overcoming poverty

№ 2

goals-Overcoming hunger

Overcoming hunger

№ 3

goals-Strong health

Strong health

№ 4

goals-Quality education

Quality education

№ 5

goals-Gender equality

Gender equality

№ 6

goals-Clean water and proper standard conditions

Clean water and proper standard conditions

№ 9

goals-Innovation and infrastructure

Innovation and infrastructure

№ 10

goals-Reducing inequality

Reducing inequality

№ 11

goals-Sustainable development of cities and communities

Sustainable development of cities and communities

№ 12

goals-Responsible consumption

Responsible consumption

№ 13

goals-Combating climate change

Combating climate change

№ 14

goals-Preservation of marine ecosystems

Preservation of marine ecosystems

№ 15

goals-Preservation of terrestrial ecosystems

Preservation of terrestrial ecosystems

№ 16

goals-Peace and justice

Peace and justice

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