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For several years in a row, the Chinese company Huawei has been at the top of the most popular and the mostinstalled inverters around the world. Among the Atmosfera's products, this brand has the best sales indicators, as the technical solution is very popular with customers and the market usually demands it.
Advantages of Huawei brand
  • Leader of the photoelectricity market
  • Manufacturer of complex solution (from inverter to storage, monitoring and control system)
  • High brand confidence
  • Big warranty period and excellent service throughout Europe
  • One of the best commercial storage systems
  • 10 years for inverters up to 20 kW
High-quality and reliable Sofar equipment allows you to get the most optimal price-quality ratio both in the case of a low-power system for consumption within a household, and in the case of a commercial station of 200 kW or even several MW. The equipment has good quality and a long warranty period of 10 years for all grid tie inverters.
Advantages of Sofar brand
  • Popular solution in many European countries
  • Service centers within the territory of the European Union
  • Good price-quality ratio
  • It is possible to build a hybrid system of up to 200 kW of power
  • There is an All-in-one solution
  • Atmosfera is a service partner of Sofar
  • 10-year warranty period on all grid tie inverters
The biggest and the most famous manufacturer of lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4) for storage systems used in solar energy. Every year, the company receives high awards as the most effective solution both during the InterSolar exhibition and during other specialized exhibitions and researches.
Advantages of BYD brand
  • The best solution for photoelectricity plants with storage
  • These batteries are chosen by the best inverter manufacturers
  • Low-voltage and high-voltage batteries for various types of stations
  • Separate range of commercial storage systems with available up to 1 MW•h storage
One of the most popular and reliable batteries on the European market, in particular due to its price-quality ratio. Pylontech batteries have almost the widest list of compatibility with all well-known manufacturers of inverter equipment, so you can be sure that your Pylontech-based station will definitely be able to show you the desired result and meet your needs.
Advantages of Pylontech brand
  • High price-quality ratio
  • Low-voltage and high-voltage lines
  • Wide list of compatible inverters
  • There are 19” size batteries as well as floor mounted batteries with an improved design
  • All-in-one solution for demanding design
It is not the first year that Sungrow competes with Huawei for first place in the ranking of the largest manufacturers of solar equipment. Herewith its own EMS department allows the company to practically check how their equipment works and constantly improve it in accordance with the trends and requirements of the modern market.
Advantages of Sungrow brand
  • Leader of the photoelectricity market
  • Manufacturer of complex solution (from inverter to storage, monitoring and control system)
  • High brand confidence
  • Big warranty period and excellent service throughout Europe
  • One of the best commercial storage systems
  • 10 years for inverters up to 20 kW
The Dyness company has recently appeared on the European market, but managed to gain popularity among installers due to its A48100 model, which has 4.8 kWh, the kit includes everything necessary for connection, as well as mounting plates for wall mounting.
Advantages of Dyness brand
  • Reliable, budget, scalable
  • The best price offer for a 5 kWh solution (includes everything necessary for installation)
  • Compatibility with a large number of inverters
  • Wall mounting for 5 kWh version
Teltonika Energy
The Lithuanian company Teltonika is widely known in the market of IoT and communication equipment, several years ago it entered the market of chargers for electric vehicles. The company's portfolio already has solutions for single-phase and three-phase connection types, power from 7 to 22 kW with Type2 and GB/T ports, which covers all requests of modern electric car owners.
Advantages of Teltonika brand
  • Charger for an electric car that can be charged exclusively from the cheap sun energy
  • Compatible with any existing inverter
  • Easy integration into an already built solar station
  • Versions for 7, 11 and 22 kW
  • Version with cable and with socket
  • Made in Europe
The Chinese company JA Solar is one of the leaders and legislator of the technical standards of photo modules around the world. Equipment from this company can be seen in most large and super large solar plants around the world, but they are very popular even within private households. Recently, the company launched its own production of lithium energy storage systems to take a dominant position in this energy market as well.
Advantages of Jasolar brand
  • Leader of the photoelectricity market
  • Manufacturer of complex solution (from photo modules to storage system)
  • Permanent TOP in the Bloomberg Tier1 list
  • The most modern n-type photomodules
Sunova Solar
The Chinese company Sunnova is one of the popular solutions this year in Europe and around the world when it comes to reliable solar power plants for households and industry. A station for self-consumption, for generation or storage - everything will go smoothly if you have installed Sunnova photo modules!
Advantages of Sunnova brand
  • Popular budget solution
  • Modern product range
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